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May 22, 2018

A Nashville housewarming gift

We hear a lot of people—between 80-100 a week—are moving to Nashville. Let's welcome them with a taste of Southern hospitality. We suggest this collection featuring a variety of goods made in Nashville.

Housewarming Gift Batch

Housewarming Gift Batch 
Housewarming Gift Batch

Gift Batch


Congratulate the new homeowner or welcome the new co-worker or client to town with these handcrafted touches that will make their new house feel like home.

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May 03, 2018

Mother's Day Gift Guide For Those Who...

S is for Southern: A Guide to the South from Absinthe to Zydeco
For Those Who Want More South on Their Shelf

S is for Southern: A Guide to the South from Absinthe to Zydeco


An appreciation of the South as a diverse region with its own vocabulary, peculiarities, and complexities.
ABLE Debre Wallet
For Those Who Like Slim, Simple and Organized

ABLE Debre Wallet


A beautiful, sleek exterior disguises the hardworking interior of this handmade wallet with  6 card slots and 3 slit pockets.
Mother's Day Joy Gift Batch
For Those Who Want a Sweet Candle and Treat

Mother's Day Joy Gift Batch


With two of our bestselling items, this gift will please every type of mom (even yours!). Because we want to make her day extra special, we are adding an exclusive Mother's Day card for free.
Handmade Studio TN Aegean Soap Dish
For Those Who Like Subtle Statement Pieces

Handmade Studio TN Aegean Soap Dish


As the name of the company suggests, this soap dish was handmade in Nashville. We love it as a soap dish but can also see it as a valet by the door or a jewelry holder. 
ABLE Mama Necklace
For Those Who Go By "Mama"

ABLE Mama Necklace


This necklace features a dainty bar that sits on an delicate chain. Hand stamped with "MAMA," it makes a sweet gift for the mom in your life. 
Mother's Day Refresh Gift Batch
For Those Who Like Bath, Body, and Cookies

Mother's Day Refresh Gift Batch


A combination of refreshing items, this Mother's Day gift is what she deserves for that time you...(well, you know).  We chose these goodies because they please all of the senses.
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December 06, 2017

Handpicked Holiday Gifts Ideas for Her

Here's your gift guide for the multi-tasking-how-does-she-do-it-needs-to-take-moment-for-herself-but-is-always-thinking-about-others-deserves-more-than-gift-card-to-Amazon woman in your life.

The Batch Discovery Box

The Batch Discovery Box the perfect fit. Packed with our favorite Southern finds, we send it out every three months. You can choose from the standard or deluxe version and the number of boxes she'll get next year.

Brittany Fuson 2018 Planner

You know she has a busy schedule so give her this stylish planner from Brittany Fuson to keep track. While others can have their iCal, she'll not only be organized but look good doing it.

Spa Day Gift Batch

Spa Day Gift Batch

The perfect gift for the friend who should take a moment for herself or the coworker who showed up early and stayed late. The deluxe version includes Olive & Sinclair chocolate and Rainwater Farms Lavender Bath Soak.

Do One Thing Every Day that Makes You Happy

This journal will challenge her to use every day as an opportunity to find delight, whether in her surroundings, her work, her relationships, her insights, or her actions. It's a guide to look inside and outside to appreciate what makes her happy—including getting this book as a gift.

Coffee Lover Gift Batch

Coffee Lover Gift Batch

Is she a caffiend? If so, give the jam-packed Coffee Lover Gift Batch. With four different coffees from our favorite middle Tennessee roasters, syrup, honey, and a tumbler, this is the gift that will her a head start every morning for doing something that will make her happy.

Aviate Blue BNA Hat

Aviate Blue BNA Hat

She can let her Nashville pride show with the BNA hat from Aviate.  

Need more ideas? Check out our collection of gifts for her.

December 01, 2017

Handpicked Holiday Gift Guide for Men

Here's your gift guide for the hard-to-buy-for-doesn't-need-another pair-of-socks-already-has-that-thing-from-Sharper-Image-his desk-has-no-more-room-for-another-kinetic-motion-doodad guy in your life. Featuring handcrafted goods from Nashville, Austin, and around the South, they will surprise and delight the man in your life.

The Batch Discovery Box

You can't go wrong with our Discovery Box. We send it out every three months packed with new finds and our favorite products. It's available in standard and deluxe. If he's been really good this year you could give a year's worth.

Sideshow Press Leather Luggage Tag

Made in the USA, this leather luggage tag will last a lifetime and be a stylish companion on all of his adventures.

Hot Chicken Gift Batch

Nashville Hot Chicken is so, well, hot right now so give these spicy Nashville-made items so he can enjoy an authentically Nashville experience.

Southern Living: Southern Gentleman's Kitchen

Nashville cook Matt Moore wants all Southern gentlemen to feel comfortable whipping up a great meal. Guys will find inspiration in Moore’s collection of 130 recipes with classic and New South flavors. 

Saucy Austin Gift Batch

What's better than grilling out? Grilling out with the most flavorful sauces and condiments you can find in Austin. It's perfect for the guy who likes big, bold flavors.

Olivina Men Bamboo Handle Razor

Your man deserves more than a dollar when it comes to shaving. The most elegant solutions are often the most effective. That's why we're sticking with the simple construction of the double edge razor

Need more ideas? Check out our collection of gifts for guys.

September 14, 2017

Party with the Moontower (Rentals)

Batch Austin is place to go for a special gift but do you know who to go to make an event special? Our friends at Moontower Rentals take events and occasion from ordinary to awesome. We caught up with Christie, Tenaya, and Jenn to find out more about Moontower’s start, their unique style, and their favorite events. Then we took this post to the next level by asking Moontower to style a few party lounges by pairing their event layout skills with one of our curated batch boxes.

Moontower Rentals

What inspired you to start Moontower Rentals?
Party at the Moontower’s beginnings are a classic tale of two friends who, while searching for event furnishings for one of our weddings, saw a hole in the market for party rentals with a more fun, modern look. So, as any good lovers of design and partying would, we set out to create an event furniture rental house that captured the Austin vibe—modern but with warmth and plenty of personality!

Where do you find inspiration for your gorgeous sectionals?
Our “method” if you will, is to offer furniture and decor that we like and would want to see in our own homes. We try to buy pieces that are artful but also useful for the context of events. For example, we wanted a modular couch, but they are usually bulky and heavy, so we ended up designing our own that features works better specially for events!

Do you have a favorite event you like to decorate?
From weddings and holiday parties, to festivals and conference stage design, if it involves making a space look more intimate and welcoming we’re all about it!

Custom Curated: Moontower Rentals + Batch Austin Inspired Lounges 

Marfa Vibes Lounge
Dust some desert magic on your event! Our Marfa Vibes Lounge was inspired by an artsy, strange town in West Texas. It’s the perfect addition to any gathering looking to keep a Texas theme.

Marfa Vibes Lounge

Nouveau Glam Lounge
Thinking of throwing a classy cocktail party? Modern leather meets elegant gold accents in this lounge. Great for any special event-- whether it’s a holiday party or gala.

Nouveau Glam Lounge

Between Two Ferns Mini Lounge  
Fit for bringing people together over snacks, luncheons, dinners, or cocktails. This mini lounge can also sit on stage for a conference or set the atmosphere for a fireside chat.

 Between Two Ferns Mini Lounge


Hook ‘Em Lounge 
It’s fall and we all know what that means… it’s football season ya’ll! Hand your guests a beer (or two) and let them relax at your VIP tailgate. Show off your school spirit with this burnt orange themed setup that shows your UT pride but isn’t covered with longhorns.

 Hook ‘Em Lounge

Rose Gold Romance Lounge 
Keep romance in the air with this dreamy and whimsical look. Whether you’re showing love to your bridal party or your invitees, treat them to something now and later send them a Treat Yo’Self Batch.

Rose Gold Romance Lounge

August 09, 2017

Chelsea Francis is Your Austin Tour Guide

Making the most of your visit or free time in Austin can be overwhelming so a good tour guide is a must. Chelsea Francis is the right woman to curate your time in town and she's the perfect person to curate an Austin gift batch.  Read on to experience Austin with one of its biggest fans.

Chelsea Francis

Tell us a little bit about what brought you to Austin and yourself.

I moved to Austin for basically no specific reason whatsoever! My husband and I were interested in moving away from our college town + we were just looking into cities that seemed to be thriving. 

What makes this city so special to you? 

This city is special to me because of the wonderful people that I've met here! Everyone in Austin is like this base level of kind that I can't express to people that don't live here. Gosh. I love this place.

You picked such a fun Austin box - tell us what you love most about the products you chose?

Chelsea Francis's Austin Gift Batch

I wanted to choose things made by people I loved + admired, while also choosing treats. I wanted my box to be the perfect gift for a friend, colleague, or even for yourself. I choose some bath goodies from my friends at Benjamin Soap Company + The Good Hippie, some treats from the awesome people over at Skull and Cakebones, a guide to Austin by Wildsam, and a bunch of other awesome things!

If you had 24 hours in Austin what should we do?

  • 6:30am: Swim during the sunrise at Barton Springs
  • 8am: Coffee at Caffe Medici on South Lamar! Say hello to my husband for me ;) 
  • 9am: Magnolia Cafe! Have a light breakfast, you'll be eating a good deal today!
  • 10am: Movie at the Alamo Drafthouse! Even though it's early, get the buffalo cauliflower or some freshly baked warm cookies. 
  • 1pm: Go have a coffee at Fleet Coffee
  • 2:30pm: Have a glass of wine at June's and then go walk around South Congress!
  • 5pm: Odd Duck Happy Hour! The entire top half of the menu is half off! Bring someone with you and order it all! Bottles of wine are half off too! You're welcome!
  • 6:30pm: Pop into Charm School Vintage before they close!
  • 7pm: Go on a quick tour of some of the fun art walls around Austin while it's still light out!
  • 9pm: Dinner at Kemuri Tatsu-Ya! One of my favorite meals I've ever eaten. SO GOOD. Order the Karaage Chicken, the Crispy Onigiri, and the Chili Cheese Takoyake!
  • 11pm: Close your night out by having a drink Nickel City

I’m a stop-to-take-a-photo kind of gal as much as I’m a stop-you-to-tell-you-how-pretty-you-are kind of gal. I appreciate the little things, laugh and cry with my whole heart, and love nothing more than long conversations over pancakes and breakfast meats. As a photographer, I love to capture life, editorial work, and love because I believe that everything is worth celebrating. When I connect with someone who is passionate about who they are and what they do, we can make magic together. Whether we’re chatting over coffee or I’ve got you in front of my camera, I’d love to meet you and hear your story.

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August 02, 2017

Meet the Maker: Malissa Lawson of East Nashville Spice Company

Malissa Lawson is a self identified “spice-mixologist nerd” and we are glad she is putting her "nerditude" to good use. Featured in an early subscription box, her East Nashville Spice Mix is one of the favorite varieties of spice we've found. We asked Malissa how she started making her spice mix, her favorite recipe, and a few Nashville staycation tips.

Malissa Lawson of East Nashville Spice Company

What were you doing before you started East Nashville Spice Company?

I was doing Home Health Physical Therapy with the geriatric population. While I loved my patients, I was extremely overworked & feeling a little stifled because I had no outlet to “create.”

What led you to start your business?

The catalyst for my business was a 3-week trip to Europe & the Middle East. I was already a “spice-mixologist nerd” in the kitchen so I was absolutely fascinated by the spice shops in Turkey, Egypt & Israel. I ended up bringing back a load of spices from each of the 8 countries we visited & when I got home, I started playing around with the spices trying to recreate some of the amazing mixes I encountered on my trip. That’s how my Original Blend was born.

What have you learned now that you wish you knew when you started your business?

Ha…not to take myself & everything involving my business so dang seriously. I was extremely uptight about having a business & running it well…and consequently created a lot of unnecessary stress for myself. In the famous words of my husband’s favorite band, “Everything will work out if you let it.” Sometimes you just need to get out of the way.

East Nashville Spice Company

Do you have a favorite recipe using your spice?

Eastside Chicken & Potatoes!” It’s in the “recipes” section of my website:

What is the oddest recipe/use of the spice mix?

It is ridiculously amazing in lasagna (and also spaghetti sauce).

What do you like to do (and most importantly, eat) on a staycation in Nashville?

Well, even though I love to cook at home, I also LOVE hot chicken & there are so many fantastic places to choose from so that you never get bored of trying all the different variations. I like to top that off with a visit to Five Daughters for a Chocolate Sea Salt “100 Layer Doughnut.” I also enjoy going to the symphony, Cheekwood Gardens & taking my dog, Banjo, to Percy Priest lake for some swimming & exploring.

What local products do you use at home?

Sunday Morning Pancake Mix, beef from Tennessee Grass Fed Farm in Clarksville, Walker Feed Co. Southern Bloody Mary Mix, Colt’s Chocolate Bumblebees, Willa’s Shortbreads, Nut Butter Nation Brown Sugar Cinnamon Peanut Butter & local produce & local honey from the Nashville Farmer’s Market.

What is your go-to gift to give?

Walker Creek Confections caramels or almond toffee or anything Nashville Jam Co. makes (Apple Bourbon or Smoky Tomato are my personal favorites).


Ready to try East Nashville Spice? Pick up some in Laura Lea Balanced Healthy Treats Gift Batch.


July 26, 2017

Meet the Maker: George Milton of Yellowbird Foods

Even though we think Austin is plenty hot, George and Erin of Yellowbird Foods like to make it even hotter with their spicy sauces. We caught up with George to find out why he started making hot sauces, what makes a good sauce, and where they go for fun when not concocting sauces.

George Milton and Erin of Yellowbird Foods


Why did you start making hot sauces?

Me and my partner Erin love spicy food but we are also into clean eating. For a while we had a really hard time finding the right condiment that we could put on everything and that wasn't loaded with bad ingredients. So instead of continuing our fruitless search, we started making our own spicy condiments.

What has surprised you about starting your own business?

I've been incredibly surprised by how far a couple of passionate and motivated people can take a simple idea. When we first started selling our sauce in local farmer's markets, we never thought it would be a national brand in a couple of years!

What makes a great hot sauce?

The same thing that makes most things great: balance. It can't be too vinegary or too salty or so hot that you can't taste the flavor nuances. There are a lot of sauces that go great on particular things, but I think a truly great sauce goes great with LOTS of different foods.

Can you share a recipe featuring Yellowbird?

One of my favorites recently is a recipe we published to our blog for Ghost Pepper Fried Cauliflower. It is ridiculously good and a really great vegan substitute for hot wings.


Yellowbird Foods

Where is a place in Austin you go to cool off?

Aside from all the regular go-to spots (Barton Springs, Deep Eddy), we live really close to McKinney Falls State Park. We like to bike over there and do a little hiking and there are some awesome little swimming holes to spend the afternoon at.

What local products do you use at home?

Oh gosh, so many! Some of our favorites to keep around are Bearded Brothers, Wella Bar, Veggie Noodle Co, Siete Foods, Rhythm Superfoods

What is your go-to non-hot-sauce gift to give?

I'm not much of a gift giver because I am kind of generally anti "stuff". The one gift I like giving is books because knowledge can be one of the most amazing things to pass on to someone. Some of my most frequently gifted books are Siddhartha, How to Win Friends and Influence People, and Eat to Live.

Check out Yellowbird Hot Sauce in our Saucy Austin Gift Batch.

Saucy Austin Gift Batch

July 19, 2017

Meet Laura Lea Balanced: Chef, Food Writer, and Gift Batch Curator

Batch recently collaborated with Laura Lea Goldberg, the chef behind Laura Lea Balanced, on two themed gift batches. We wanted to know more about the reasons she became a chef and how eating healthy and creating healthy recipes became a way of life.

Laura Lea Balanced

Did you always want to be a chef?

No! The thought never crossed my mind…really, even when I started cooking in New York City (the catalyst for my career). My mother is an amazing cook—better than I’ll ever be—and she taught me the importance of a good meal, beyond just taste. She taught me and my brothers that eating real, wholesome food in community is a powerful source of connection and nourishment for mind, body and soul. When I was anxious and depressed living in NYC, I think I subconsciously picked up cooking as a way to achieve those feelings of warmth and safety again…and it snowballed from there!

How do you define healthy eating?

Healthy eating begins first in the mind. This is where you establish that you control your food; it doesn’t control you. I think healthy eating starts with an absence of judgment and guilt and an abundance of openness, positivity and self-acceptance. Then, on a more technical level, the basis of healthy eating is whole foods—foods straight from the ground and as close to the source as possible (whole dairy, butchered meat or fish etc). This is the foundation of your plate. If the majority of your food is whole-foods based, supplemented with thoughtfully chosen packaged foods or indulgent meals, you’re on the right track.

Laura Lea Balanced Cookbook

What recipe from your new cookbook would you recommend for a reluctant, skeptical cook who usually eats not-so-healthy?

Any of the following seems to win such people over: my Coconut Crusted Chicken Tenders, Holy Fudge Black Bean Brownies, LL’s Daily Green Smoothie, Sesame Maple Brussels Sprouts Bits and Meatloaf Meatballs

What would you say are some of the most underrated ingredients in your recipes?

Oh, great question! Maybe tahini, because it is so versatile and has a unique umami flavor profile that can really take recipes up a notch. Also, old school spices like garlic powder, onion powder or chili powder. I am totally down with leaving out a chopped onion in favor of the powered form sometimes. It’s easier and, if you treat it right, can create even more concentrated, captivating flavor.

Laura Lea Balanced Lifestyle Gift Batch

What do you like to do (and most importantly, eat) on a staycation in Nashville?

Hmmm, if you mean at home (my ideal staycation), I’d start with the Grain-Free Cinnamon Waffles from my book, topped with peanut butter and some fresh fruit. Then some kind of exercise outside; a walk or hike or outdoor yoga. For lunch, I’m a sucker for anything wrapped, and I’ve been loving my Turmeric Tahini Roasted Cauliflower on Siete Foods Tortillas with some avocado, hummus and Sriracha. Followed by chocolate, always chocolate. Afternoons are again spent outside, or reading in our den. I’m a simple creature! I’d love to finish this day grilling with my husband—maybe my Lamb Burgers with a side of sweet potato fries.

If I were out and about in Nashville, I’d hit up Franklin Juice first thing for a Pitaya Bowl. Lunch would be the Kimchi Spring Rolls from Avo, and dinner would likely be shared with the hubs at Henrietta Red—fish of the day, cauliflower steak, beet risotto.

What local products do you use at home?

Currently I’m in love with the charcoal face bar by Little Seed Farm, as well as their oat bar as a body wash. I’ve also been using Clary Collection Bath & Body Oil and Uplift Organics Face Serum. Uplift Organics sent me some of their products recently, and I’m smitten. Every morning, I rub the Thistle Farms Energy Essential Oil roller on my wrists, and their lip smoothie is completely addicting.

Laura Lea Balanced Healthy Treats Gift Batch

What is your go-to gift to give?

I feel like most of my gifts these days are for new mamas, so I’m giving them Copper Pearl 5-in-1 multi-use covers. Otherwise, though, I usually just give people food! So far, no complaints :).

July 12, 2017

Podcast Interview with Batch Nashville's Nancy VanReece, Vice President of Business Development

Nancy VanReece, Batch Nashville's Vice President of Business Development, sat down with Kristina Dolan and Justin Williams of SnapShot Interactive on From Creation to Close. Take a listen to the episode as they discuss Batch's social media strategy and branding.

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