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Batch specializes in custom gift boxes featuring locally-made items for clients and occasions. We will exceed your expectations whether you are ordering VIP gifts or welcoming out-of-towners with a curated assortment of local treats. With custom boxes and branded gifts, Batch boxes are the perfect way to share a taste of the city.

Gift giving has never been easier, especially with these top selections:

Nashville Sweets

Olive and Sinclair Sea Salt Chocolate Bar (2.75 oz.)
Two Thompsons Prohibition Popcorn (2 oz.)
Lil’ Goos (6 oz.)
Willa's Shortbread Wildflower Honey Cookies (4 oz.)

Gluten-Free Sweets Batch

Olive and Sinclair Sea Salt Chocolate Bar (2.75 oz.)
Two Thompsons Prohibition Popcorn (2 oz.)
Brittle Brothers Cashew Brittle (3 oz.)
Shotwell Toffee (11-13 pieces)

Caffeine Fix Batch

Batch Rise & Shine Blend Coffee (12 oz.)
Nashville Skyline Mug
Frothy Monkey Roasting Co. Coffee 12South Blend (5 oz.)
SypCoffee Ground Costa Rican Coffee (11 oz.) + Bespoke Sugar

Batch makes it easy to send a taste of Nashville anywhere in the world. Whether you want to thank a client, welcome someone to Music City, or reward your employees, Batch curates the best locally-made items and packages them together so that you can focus on your work and event.

Over the past four years, we've worked with hundreds of clients to provide great, well-made gifts, delivered with our premium service. We can't wait to help you as well.


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We offer many ways to personalize your gifts. We can stamp the box with your logo and distinctively wrap your gifts. Our design team can create options such as custom insert cards, branded tote bags, towels and even custom-labeled goodies.



Flawlessly Executed

Every gift sent with Batch is always perfect and flawlessly executed which impresses the recipients beyond words.

Erika Isaac

Commitment to Quality

Thank you! It’s been a long time since I saw a company who made me so excited about their product and commitment to quality and local goods. You guys rock!

Katie Mears
Registry Partners


Our Client are WOW’ed

They are organized, quick to respond and deliver quality products. Knowing I can rely on them gives me one less thing to worry about and our clients are WOW’ed!

Sande Sullivan
Pinnacle Financial Partners