How It Works

How it Works

By subscribing to Batch,
members receive a monthly Batch of local goods.

We currently offer seasonal, monthly and annual pricing.

Sign up to receive three months of great discoveries from one of four different cities.

Purchase a single month or sign up for month-to-month billing.

Conveniently sign up for an entire year (includes FREE shipping).

The Batch team hand selects products for each Batch. We send Batches to subscribers organized around a common theme each month (for instance, "After Dinner," "Rise & Shine" and "Comfort Food").

Batches can be shipped anywhere in the US and shipping confirmation with tracking details arrive several days before the Batch does.

Each month’s Batch is full of items that retail equal to or more than what you’ll pay as a subscriber. Best of all, you’ll discover new and awesome local goods without having to search all over town for something that’s locally and awesomely made.
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