As a gesture of gratitude, we’d love to share a taste of our hometown of Nashville with you.

It’s our small way of showing how much we appreciate and celebrate everything you and your colleagues do for your institution and your community.

Enjoy some of Nashville's best snacks and sweets with the Everything Nice Gift Batch.

Or, adorn your home with a few native Nashville items in the Bring Nashville to You Gift Batch.

If you're a morning person, select the Waking Up in Nashville Gift Batch for a kickstart to your day.

But if fire and spice are more your speed, you can't go wrong with the Hot Chicken Gift Batch.

Please make your selection by November 13, 2020.

Everything Nice

  • Willa's Hot Cheddar Shortbread Cookies
  • Daily Crunch Snacks Cherry Berry Nut Medley
  • Brittle Brothers Peanut Brittle
  • Tempered Chocolate Dark Chocolate Cherry Blend Bar
  • Original Goo Goo Cluster
  • Peanut Butter Goo Goo Cluster
  • Pecan Goo Goo Cluster

Bring Nashville to You

  • Bang Candy Co. Welcome to Nashville Handmade Marshmallows
  • Southern City Flavors Dark Chocolate Pecans
  • Spirit of Nashville Coaster Set
  • Nashville Candle

Waking Up in Nashville

  • Loveless Cafe Belgian Waffle & Pancake Mix
  • 12th South Whole Bean Coffee, 5 oz.
  • Rise & Shine Coffee Mug
  • Trubee Raw Honey, 5 oz.

Hot Chicken

  • Batch "Hot Chicken" Towel
  • J.M. Thomason Spice Hot Chicken Blend
  • Hot Sauce Nashville Hot Garlic Sauce
  • Tempered Dark Chocolate Hot Chicken Bar
  • Wilkes Sweet Heat Wing Sauce 5 oz.

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