Roots Memphis

In Memphis, Batch is proud to partner with Roots Memphis to help train and inspire new farmers. With their focus on growing ethical and clean food (and then getting it to people), it's a great partnership that we hope results in more people growing more great food for as many people as possible to enjoy. 

In order to do help grow their work and mission, we're making a donation with every Batch Memphis subscription box we mail this year. Our hope? To support the awesome work of this great organization while they do more to reach more farmers in the Memphis area. We get food to people. They get food to people. What a match.

Additionally, Batch is offering specialty gift batches that make further donations to support the work of Roots Memphis. Show your support by purchasing any of the following:

About Roots Memphis:
The mission of Roots Memphis Farm Academy is to train and launch new beginning farmers. Through growing and distributing ethical and clean food, Roots Memphis is dedicated to the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit. We practice ethical food, cooperation among farmers, fair business practices, and we rely on consumers with values. The Academy is currently training five farmers in Memphis, Tennessee. As we strive to to cultivate a new economy based on a new set of values, we invite you to grow and explore with us.

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