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Pledge your support toward small businesses during this challenging time when so many are struggling.

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How It Works

The Small Business Pledge is a promise you make to shop at small businesses and support local makers.

While the effects of COVID-19 on small businesses are large (by some estimates, 91,000 small businesses have closed for good), you can help make sure small businesses make it through.

Plus, you can get a Small Business Hero sticker to show your taking real action and doing your part.

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Small Businesses Make a Big Difference

They need your help now more than ever.

Small businesses account for 44% of all economic activity and employ half of America.

When you spend $100 at a small business, $68 of that stays and is reinvested in that community.

Some projections expect as many as 91,000 small businesses to close this year

Our Makers Face Existential Challenges

Together we can get through the pandemic.

Little Seed Farm

"As a farm, we have to operate 7 days a week, 365 days a year, no matter what's going on around us. For us that's meant everything from operating with fewer people, hiring more people, distancing work spaces, and staggering work hours. The most difficult aspect is maintaining all of the precautions, such as masks, distancing, sanitization, etc. Overall, online demand for Beauty and Personal Care products has increased, so we've been fortunate to be in a position as an Essential Business that has not experienced a decline in sales. We've used that circumstance to give back to our local communities and will have donated over $75,000 in cash and product to a variety of causes by the end of the 2020."

Nashville Heat

"For us, the initial challenge of adjusting to retail business shutdowns was and still is the biggest issue. It is hard to grow during a lockdown. We are grateful to have seen our product incorporated into larger gift packages as companies and retailers adjust to different means of getting brands and products to consumers, and that has been just one of the things about being a local business that has been positive about 2020. Everybody is in this mess together, so supporting our neighbors and other local businesses has been the light shining through the darkness."

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The Small Business Pledge is a campaign helmed by Batch USA, located in Nashville, TN.
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