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Sweet Thang Gift Batch

Every nosh, morsel, and bite of these treats will send a sugar rush to the head of your sweetie. 

The Sweet Thang Gift Batch includes:

  • Brittle Brothers Cashew Brittle (3 oz.)
  • Shotwell Candy Co. Original Salted Caramels (4 oz.)
  • Nola Granola Snack Co. Salted Caramel Granola (6 oz.)
  • Willa's Shortbread Wildflower Honey Cookies (4 oz.)
  • Olive and Sinclair Cinnamon Chili Chocolate Bar (2.75 oz.) 

Of course, we'll also include your short, hand-written message to the recipient (please note at checkout). Add gift wrap for only $9.95.

Gift Batches are in a heavyweight kraft box filled with gift crinkle paper for added protection.

Applicable local and state taxes apply, as well as shipping and handling fees.

Some products may contain nuts or other allergens. 

Gift Batches ship within 48-72 hours of order.

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