Stephen's Mom

In honor of Mother's Day coming up, each Batch team member will be writing about his or her mom. Next up: Stephen Moseley, co-founder and COO. Enjoy.

The older I get, the harder it is to remember where it is I learned something. Seems like the human brain determines that knowing it is more important than recalling where you learned it.

But sometimes, when I stop and think about the very core and elemental attributes of who I am, I realize that regardless of where I was when I heard it or from what source it came, what I know about being human I owe to my mother.

Whether or not she told it to me, showed it to me, wrote it for me, sang it to me or used her powerful ESP to burn it into my cerebral cortex, mom as much showed me how to live as she did give me life.

She was a kind and gentle figure. She had utmost respect for others and treated everyone with broad strokes of compassion. Her smile was light and gentle, but she could just as easily convey seriousness and concern with those very same facial muscles to ensure you knew she meant what she meant.

And moments I think about who I am as a child-having adult, lost in amazement and fear that such a state exists, I reach deep into my past to recall what she taught me about being a loving parent, years before I ever imagined what a parent I could be.

I reach deep because, the older I get, the older my kids get, and the more vital it is that I pay attention to what I’m teaching, what I’m modeling, who I’m being. And that understanding, the simple recognition of responsibility, wells up within me as a result of what my mom taught me, modeled for me, and was to me.

She wasn’t a businessperson but she taught me ethics. She wasn’t a doctor but she showed good bedside manner. She wasn’t a reverend but she emphasized the spirit. She wasn’t a judge but taught that character counts.

She was a teacher, but more so a lover of learning.

She was a sister, but more so a best friend.

She was a wife, but more so a companion.

She was a mom, but more so, she was everything.


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