The Writing's on the Package

One of the cool things about finding so many great items around the South (for now) is the personal touch that many of our purveyors offer. Of course, a great many of our goods from each city are handmade or handcrafted, but it's also fun to see the additional detail that can happen on some items.

As we were looking around at inventory the other day here at global HQ, we noticed three awesome products that include the maker's handwriting. 

For starters, here's Farmstead Milk Soap from Little Seed Farm. They write the production date on the label.

And then there's our friends at Reverb Coffee in Memphis who pen where the coffee comes from and when it was roasted.

And lastly - and maybe our personal favorite touch - check out Tiny Buffalo Baking Company out of Atlanta. Audrey (who's awesome) lets you know that she (or whomever helped) packed your granola goodness. 

There are lots of other personal touches you can find, but when you see a maker's handiwork like this - well, that's hard to find at some big box places.