Getting Weird (and now, staying weird) in Austin

We'll go ahead and jump to the big news: Austin, Texas will be Batch's 4th city from which we offer monthly subscription and a line of local gifts to companies and individuals

And how did we decide such wonderful news? Because while looking around for items for our sixth and final Tour of the South stop, we were blown away by all that's made in and around Austin. 

For example, here's what was in our recent Austin Tour of the South shipment (which you can now grab as a gift here):

Pecan Popcorn from Great San Saba River Pecan Company
Approximately 10,000 pecan trees grow in a park-like setting bordered the San Saba River and located in the Hill Country of Central Texas. This impeccable popcorn is produced and shipped from facilities within the orchard. Appreciated by connoisseurs of gourmet products, we bet you'll be ready to restock your pantry with these fine delicacies in a snap. 

Granola from House Granola
Holly Henderson's products are as delicious as her company's mission is fantastic. Her nephew, nicknamed House, who was born with Down syndrome, passed away in July 2012. Holly was inspired to create a healthy way to give back to the special needs community. "I began coming up with my own granola recipes and sharing them with friends and family. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and House Granola was born!" With all natural and organic ingredients, and sourcing as locally to Austin as possible, each small batch is baked by hand,  1% of annual proceeds is to a local charity called Down Home Ranch.

Chai Tea from Luscious Pastry
Located in Austin, Texas and operated by a pair of mamacitas that really love food and baking, Luscious Pastry specializes in gourmet baked goods for special occasions and gifts. They make a variety of pie and cheesecake bars, bundt cakes, and special occasion cakes. But they also have a quite a few savory tarts, quiches, and breads in their arsenal and, of course, tea. Is there anything they can't do?

Salsa from Royito's
The magic ingredients in every Royito's concoction is simple: fresh tomatoes, serrano peppers, and fresh lemon juice. There’s no vinegar, preservatives, or water or sugar added. Better yet, Royito’s is dedicated to and inspired by Roy’s dad, Big Roy, who taught him three things: be kind to everyone you meet, keep it simple, and never do mild. “Don’t Do Mild” is therefore not just a clever hot sauce tagline, it is a way of life. The purpose of Royito’s is to inspire people to not “do mild” in life by following their own passion and purpose.

Be sure to grab all this goodness while supplies last. And stay tuned, because very soon you'll be able to subscribe to our brand new monthly offering from Austin. 

In the meantime, if you or someone you know can help us head up operations in Austin, send this job description their way.