It's Just Brunch (Part One)

It's nearly March and at Batch, that means we're all about the brunch ('bout the brunch; no supper).

So, to get both your breakfast and lunch taste buds ready for our next monthly shipment ("Just Brunch" is the theme for March), we've asked out city directors for their favorite spots to grab a bit in their respective cities. Take a look below and if you want to make your own tasty brunch from your favorite hometown, be sure to sign up for our monthly subscription like yesterday. 

Caroline - Nashville
Confession, y'all. I don't "brunch" a whole lot. I have a long list of places I want to try. Marché, Stone Fox, and Tavern are at the top of the list. But the best brunch I've had lately was at Mad Donna's in East Nashville.

The Big Don was so good (and so big). My friend got the biscuits and gravy, and it was all I could do not to lick her plate clean, too. Plus, their Bloody Mary bar is awesome!

Courtney - Austin
My favorite brunch spot is Yellow Jacket Social Club. They have the best spicy Bloody Marys on the block and their Shrimp and Grits & Amy's Breakfast Sandwich are top notch. It's super divey (one reason why I love it) - on the outside looking in you'd have no idea they serve a stellar menu but their food is by far some of the best in town. Their outdoor area is covered in tall trees creating a spectacular seating area - you could spend all afternoon here.

Stay tuned all week long as we feature great spots in our other cities and recommendations from more of the Batch team!