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5 of the Best Mocktails for Dry January

Dry January is a time to start anew after a busy holiday season. The new year is a time when people set resolutions for healthier habits, including giving up all alcohol for the month of January and perhaps even beyond.

But, we also know that Dry January doesn’t mean you stop hosting networking events or welcoming clients into your workspace.

Here are five of our favorite mocktail recipes so you can offer tasty non-alcoholic drinks to event guests and clients.

1. Rosé Lemonade Mocktail

While it sometimes looks like you need a college degree to make a cocktail/mocktail, the best things are often the simplest.

To make a Rose Lemonade Mocktail, you simply need to add non-alcoholic rosé and lemonade to a glass – or punch bowl! – in equal parts. Make it look stylish with your garnish of choice. We love a couple of lemon slices held up against the sides of the glass by a generous helping of ice.

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2. Espresso Martini Mocktail

Why not just have a cup of coffee? When you taste this, you’ll know! Espresso martinis are having their moment in the spotlight and you don’t have to miss out if you’re choosing not to drink.

All you need is whole-bean coffee for the espresso, heavy whipping cream, simple syrup, vanilla extract, cocoa powder, and a touch of salt.

Dip the rim of your glasses into your syrup and then the cocoa powder to rim your glass. Then add ice and all the other ingredients into a cocktail maker. Shake for around a minute until the top is frothy, and voila! Top with coffee beans or more cocoa powder for added authenticity.

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3. Champagne and Cranberry Juice Fizz

If you want to produce a mocktail that combines fun and sophistication, we have you covered with this drink.

The ingredients you’ll need for this are: non-alcoholic champagne, ginger ale, cranberry-apple juice, sugar, cinnamon, and lime.

To make this champagne mocktail, first, you need to mix three tablespoons of sugar with half a teaspoon of cinnamon on a small plate. Then, cut a lime in half, and cut a small wedge to rim your glass. Next, add ice to your glass, followed by the alcohol-free champagne and cran-apple juice. Finish by squeezing the remainder of your lime into the glass and topping with ginger ale. Refreshing, sharp, and not a drop of alcohol in sight!

If you're having a late holiday celebration with your team or clients but embracing Dry January, our Holiday Cheer gift set includes a beautiful non-alcoholic Brut that you can use to make this non-alcoholic cocktail.

4. Virgin Margarita

A Margarita is a popular cocktail or welcome drink at various events. This one is so good that you could serve it without people realizing it's alcohol-free!

You’ll need kosher salt, simple syrup, lime juice, lemon juice, orange juice, and lime cut into wedges or wheels for your garnish.

First, put the kosher salt onto a small plate. Rim the glass with a lime wedge and run it through the salt. Next, half-fill a cocktail mixer with ice and add 4oz of simple syrup, 2 oz of lime juice, and 1 oz each of lemon and orange juice. Shake for around 15 seconds, and immediately pour into the glass. Add a lime wedge or wheel to the rim to finish.

5. Virgin Mojito

Another refreshing favorite, but it might be harder to hide that this one is alcohol-free!

To make a Virgin Mojito, you’ll need 15 mint leaves, fresh lime juice, simple syrup, club soda, and lime.

Add the mint leaves, 1 oz of lime juice, and ½  oz of simple syrup to your glass. Muddle this mixture with a muddler or wooden spoon until nicely mixed. Add as much ice as you want, top up with club soda and finish with a lime garnish if you wish.


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