How we "Made" Batch Nashville

Last year, one of our founders was trying to send a clever, unique, meaningful, and "local" gift box to some friends out of state. He simply wanted to share some of the food that made Nashville so awesome. But, he couldn't find a way to send a box of delicious local treats so he put one together himself. 

And now, nearly a year later, Batch Nashville is ready for launch.

No longer are you stuck scurrying around town looking for the latest delicious food product. You'll no longer be in the dark about the new coffee roaster, the latest bakery, or the freshest batch of breakfast food. 

And, our friends who live nearby and run small businesses that make awesome things now have an easier way to get in front of new customers that love what they're making.

Thanks for taking this journey with us. We're now open for business, selling seasonal (three-month) and monthly batches for your enjoyment.

And stay tuned - if all goes well we'll also be solving one of our founder's problems and finally make a holiday gift box of local Nashville goods much easier to send to loved ones across the country.