Meet the Purveyors: Firepot Chai

For our final after dinner puzzle piece, we selected a delicious post-meal beverage that would warm you up and calm you down. 

Meet: Firepot Chai.

To round our our October After Dinner Batch, we asked Sarah Scarborough, founder of Firepot Chai to include some of her looseleaf tea. Firepot is Sarah's third tea venture, so we were confident she knew what she was doing. And she dropped her tea expertise on this Batch with a 3 oz. tin of her chocolate chai tea.

This combination of sweet and savory spices is the perfect way to relax after a long day. It's also a great way to get you going in the morning. Actually, we can't think of a time that isn't perfect for some Firepot Chai, so be sure to grab a tin (or a bottle of concentrate) to have at the ready, especially as the weather turns colder and relatives start showing up at your house.

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