A Thank You Letter

A Thank You Letter

This is a thank you letter.

Today marks the eighth full week our retail store has been closed.

When we began 2020 at Batch, this change did not factor into our strategic plan or budget. And, even in the past when we found time to briefly contingency plan, "Global pandemic that shuts down entire retail and travel sectors" didn't make it onto our white board.

Plans matter.

In fact, May 10, 2013 was the first time that I, Rob Williams, and Stephen Moseley met in person to talk about the kernel of the idea that eventually became Batch.


NashBox Inaugural Meeting

A few months later, Made Nashville was born until we rebranded into Batch Nashville (to avoid a trademark battle with Kid Rock) but we kept the web domain (madenashville.com). In other words, we've always been a nimble bunch.


Made Nashville logo

Since our store closed, our team has rolled with the pandemic punches. In just a week (back in March), we listed over 1,000 products for sale online and offered deals to keep your pantry stocked and your home clean. We've worked with many businesses who now have employees working from home and understand the new challenges that face anyone who is doing the trifecta of full-time employee, parent, and teacher. So, they sent cheery care packages that our team was eager to pack and ship. Our Weekly What newsletter has featured ways to help, neighbors making a difference, and fun activities while staying safe at home.

We have employees facing new challenges, too. People who expected to work a cash register now pack boxes while wearing gloves and face masks. Some of our folks went home to be with family outside of Nashville. Others hop on team Zoom calls hoping the baby stays napping or the dog doesn't need walking just yet. Welcome to the new normal, better not look back (we're not going there).

But in the middle of it all, here's what also happened since our store closed:

  • You've purchased over 10,000 individual items from us, all made by small, independent businesses
  • We have been able to bring on 14 new makers to help service orders from companies wanting to send themed gifts from other cities including Atlanta, Birmingham, Cincinnati, Louisville, and Charlotte.
  • Our team has handwritten over 650 notes on your behalf to convey feelings of connection and kindness
  • We've raised over $1,000 for COVID-19 relief via our Relief Box partnership with the Nashville Scene

Because one thing remains true:
Makers gonna keep makin', y'all.

So thanks.

Thanks for trusting us as we adapt and grow.
Thanks for giving our folks a fun and meaningful job to go to each day.
Thanks for using these gifts as your vehicle for gratitude, sympathy, congratulations, and staying-in-touch when we are staying apart.
Thanks for keeping our makers busy, their ovens warm, their machines humming, and their trucks running.

We're not going anywhere, and I'm not talking about just staying #saferathome. The dreams of May 10, 2013 are still alive today, and they will be tomorrow, and whenever our store reopens (which we hope will be the beginning of June—we will keep you posted).

Thank you for shopping small and making a big difference,

Sam Davidson