Nashville Birthdays to Unwrap in April

Nashville Birthdays to Unwrap in April

The creative forces behind the Batch brand just created a new gift titled "It's Your Birthday", available now while supplies last. And while you should never start a blog post with an advertisement, this fun new Batch had me looking for cool reasons to celebrate during the month of April. Here are some of Nashville's best April birthdays. 

Becca Stevens Thistle Farms

[photo courtesy of Thistle Farms]

April 1: Becca Stevens, 1963

As the founder of Thistle Farms, this author, speaker, priest, social entrepreneur, and overall inspiration is a glowing source of light (and pride) for the Nashville community. Thistle Farms helps disadvantaged women gain the tools they need for economic, spiritual, and personal healing. She's a local loving rock star and a role model for the folks at Batch. 

April 2: Emmylou Harris, Country music artist, 1947

Zach with Nana

[photo courtesy of Megan Anderson]

April 3: Ethel Anderson, 1941

You may know her as Ethel, but I know her as "Nana"...

Okay so she's not a Nashvillian but she is my grandmother and I wouldn't be here without her. She is very loveable and definitely a necessary addition to this list. 

April 4: Maya Angelou- poet, memoirist and civil rights activist, 1928

April 6: Merle Haggard, American Country Guitar Player, 1937

Viktor Arvidsson

[photo credit: Ronald C. Modra]

April 8: Viktor Arvidsson, 1993 

Right wing of the Nashville Predators (the position, not the political affiliation). Though originally born in Sweden, in 2017 Arvidsson signed a seven-year, $29.75 million contract to the Preds. I don't know too much about hockey, or multi-million dollar sports deals for that matter, but I do know that he is only one year older than me and that's an existential crisis I haven't confronted yet. 

April 9: Carl Perkins, prolific rockabilly songwriter, 1932

April 10: Maren Morris, pop-country star, 1990

Vince Gill in front of White Backdrop

[photo credit: John Shearer]

April 12: Vince Gill, 1957

The Prince of Nashville Guitar. Vince Gill helped put Nashville on the map with his iconic country guitar playing in the 80s, and has been continuing the cement himself as a country legend ever since. Known to be a die-hard fan of Noshville Delicatessen (RIP to the one in Midtown), I once saw him play at 3rd and Lindsley for a school assignment back in college. Trust me, he is even better than people say he is. 

April 13: Sam Bush, virtuosic bluegrass artist, 1952

April 14: Loretta Lynn, American country artist, 1932

April 15: Chris Stapleton, Nashville singer-songwriter, 1978

 Erica with camera

April 16: Erica Penley, 1997

Erica is the newest addition to the Nashville April League of All-Stars, and even though you might not know her name yet, someday you will. Erica moved to Nashville from Gainesville, Florida back in 2020. Upon looking for work, she applied for an outdated ad to work in the Batch retail store, and was accepted into the Warehouse instead. Erica is hardworking, generous, kind, and a genuine friend to every person she meets. Someday we'll have a national holiday to celebrate Erica Day, not just this sappy blog post. 

April 19: The Simpsons, 1987

April 22: Glen Campbell, Country singer, songwriter, and guitar player, 1936

April 23:  Roy Orbison, The Caruso of Rock and songwriter of "Oh, Pretty Woman", 1936

April 25: Rory Feek, from songwriting duo Joey + Rory, 1965

Schermerhorn Symphony Center

[Image by Jason Coleman on Pixabay]

April 26: Schermerhorn Symphony Center

While this classy downtown event center opened in September, apparently construction was finished on this day in 2005. The Nashville Symphony does all kinds of amazing public events, many of which involve dramatic live accompaniment to your favorite blockbuster films (Harry Potter, Star Wars, Home Alone, to name a few). Send the Schermerhorn a birthday batch because they help you feel fancy in a way that the FGL House never could.  

Willie Nelson Pilgrimage Festival

[Nelson playing at the Pilgrimage Music Festival in Franklin, 2015. Photo courtesy of Pilgrimage Music & Culture Festival]

April 29: Willie Nelson, legendary outlaw Country Artist, 1933

April 30: The first toy advertised on TV, Mr. Potato Head, 1952