tea gift sets for national hot tea month

Get Ready for National Hot Tea Month with these Tea Gift Sets


It’s a time for new beginnings. A month for setting or refocusing on targets. Plus a chance to adopt amazing habits to last for 12 months and beyond.

And it’s also National Hot Tea Month!

If you’re planning to send New Year’s gifts and need inspiration, Batch has gifts packed with meaning filled with products made by small businesses.

Here are four beautiful, ready to ship tea gift sets that are great for showing employee appreciation or boosting your client relationships.

1. Sweet Chai of Mine

Life can be busy and chaotic, even when we put all our efforts into planning to try and avoid feeling like this.

If your team members or clients get little time to relax, why not ensure the time they do get to themselves is well spent? Encourage them to take advantage of their downtime with a fresh cup of tea.

Our Sweet Chai of Mine gift set includes a delicious chai peanut butter bar and a chai scented candle alongside a tasty Somali chai. Everything any of us would need to help us kick back and relax for a few moments!

This gift basket is a fantastic choice if you're looking for bulk gifts for your employees or have many clients you want to send a Batch gift to.

2. Bee Joyful

Kindness, happiness, and the chance to reflect.

Our Bee Joyful Batch has all that and more!

This Batch gift set is a brilliant client gift idea for kickstarting the new calendar year in style. It features raw honey, herbal tea, honeycomb toffee, a mug, a pen, and a journal. And remember, you can add whatever else you want to personalize this incredible corporate gift box!

The Bee Joyful gift set is a great way to look forward to the year ahead and a wonderful pick me up if anyone feels like the holidays are a distant memory by the middle of January!

3. Season of Joy

At Batch, the season of joy lasts all year.

Our Season of Joy Batch is another brilliant choice as a bulk appreciation gift. This is a great gift set to help clients or employees get their day started whether working remote or in office. It’s a smaller version of Bee Joyful, giving the lucky recipients a mug, herbal tea, and vitamin C honey sticks.

We love this and know your employees and clients will, too!

4. Bee Kind Batch

Our Bee Kind Batch has a bit of everything!

Because of that, it's a wonderful corporate gift to send to clients you don't necessarily know too well yet and employees who will love having new snacks for their desk.

The Bee Kind gift box includes lemon zest nuts, vitamin C honey sticks, a can of organic sparkling tea, a chocolate bar, a candle, and a gratitude journal.

We're sure we could use everything in one tranquil, relaxing evening!

Share a pun in your notes, too!

All Batch gift sets come with a handwritten note on a card design of your choice. So, as you're sending a tea gift set, why not embrace the opportuni-TEA to share a tea-related pun in your gift set? It all adds to the excitement and experience of receiving a brew-tea-ful Batch!

If you need more inspiration, you could tell your employees you think they're TEA-riffic! Or why not wish your team or clients a 2023 filled with prosperi-TEA? And we know we’d love to receive a gift talking about meeting lof-TEA targets this year!

Okay, so we're not comedians. We'll leave it up to you to get the par-TEA started with your own thoughtful, tea-inspired messages!

Remember everything else you get with Batch

Sending corporate gifts from Batch gives the recipient a premium gift experience.

On top of the personalized card – tea-related puns optional – we also:

  • Gift wrap your Batch in custom ribbon
  • Seal your gift with branded tissue paper and a sticker
  • Send your customized gift in a branded shipping carton to keep all the treats inside safe

And if you want to add an even more personal or business touch, we can do that, too!

Speak to our gift consultants if you want us to use branded ribbon or tissue paper or provide a branded sleeve for your gift. And if you want to send even more with your tea gift sets, we can add other items from our range or your own branded and personalized goods.

What are you wait-tea-ing for?