Here's Why We're Optimistic About This Holiday Season

Here's Why We're Optimistic About This Holiday Season

Some of the reasons we're ready to seize the season. 

There's been a lot of talk about what to expect this year, and in a time when things never go the way you expect. Business visions for the upcoming holiday season aren't sugar plums--they're supply chain nightmares. But that doesn't have to be the story of your holiday gift. We've got a fist full of crinkle (now in ivory), and list of reasons that we're confident that this season will be the smoothest one yet. And we've checked it more than twice. 

1. We've got a team full of veterans

The team that's putting in the OT this season? They've been doing the Batch thing longer than anyone else (take a look!). We're meeting this holiday season with the most  experienced team we've ever had, and we're excited to see the most graceful gift-ribboners, the quickest crinklers, and the sharpest shippers heading up to bat for the holidays. 

Batch Team at Loveless Cafe

The Batch team, feeling the southern hospitality at the historic Loveless Cafe ]

2. We've spent the summer preparing

Our space is bigger than ever. We've expanded our shipping and packing space to include more local products, more room to pack, and more space for holiday helping hands. All together, that means less time to get even more orders out the door. 

3. Our gifts are better than ever

Even though the summer months are still slugging along, we've been hard at work curating the greatest holiday gifts in the history of Batch. We're sourcing amazing small business holiday gifts from all across the country, and curating gift sets to fit every gift-giving occasion on your list. Here's a sneak peek:

  • Harvest Host Gift Set
  • Deck the Halls, Y'all
  • Merri-mint Gift Set
  • Winter Recovery

Heather truly outdid herself this year. 

Batch Coffee Fix Gift Batch - Holiday

Batch Coffee Fix Gift Set ]

4. We can be certain about our uncertainty

With the pandemic numbers continuing to grow, and pandemic fatigue at an all-time high, there's a lot that's up in the air this holiday season. Will we be working from home? Virtual events? Travel restrictions? We've spent a lot of time considering this question: what can we guarantee out customers this holiday season? 

There are specific and big-picture answers to that question.

We can guarantee our new ivory crinkle. We can guarantee premium gift ribbon for all premium gift orders. We can guarantee free custom branding to corporate orders placed before October 31st (click here if you're reading this before October 31st). And we can guarantee that for last minute shopping, there will be shipping delays. 

The big-picture answers? We can guarantee transparency. As always, we can guarantee amazing small-business gifts from anywhere in the country. And, we can guarantee that the earlier you place your corporate gift orders, the more certainty we have on when it arrives.  

5. You're already thinking about it

And if you're thinking about it, you're winning. If you want the perfect holiday gift in time for the holidays, all you have to do is order now, rather than later. We'll make sure it gets there in time (and we promise it won't arrive in September, unless you want it to). 


So to put a bow on it, it's going to be a crazy, hectic, challenging, fun, harrowing, exhilarating, holiday season. And we're totally ready for it. Get in touch with us today to get the ball rollin' on the perfect holiday gift, and gift yourself a little peace of mind.