How to Do a Socially Distanced Secret Santa during COVID from Batch

How to Do a Socially Distanced Secret Santa during COVID

Are you sitting in your home office RN pondering how to spread joy and cheer this holiday season? Look no further. Batch is here to help you learn how to do a socially distanced Secret Santa during COVID!


You may know that small businesses are hurting right now during the pandemic. How about a socially distanced Secret Santa that brightens the day of a small business owner and your loved ones? That’s sure to get you to the top of the Nice List!

How to set up a Secret Santa during COVID

While you could go with an automated online solution like this Secret Santa Generator, you could also create a Google Form using a few easy steps. 

💻 Step 1: Create a Google Form to ask for each participant’s name, email, address, any special requests, and anything to avoid (like gluten, coffee, or alcohol). 

📧 Step 2: Share the link to the form on social media and by email to gather people’s names and contact info. 

✔️ Step 3: Keep it simple. Go down the list assigning each person to the next person on the list and notify them all by individual emails. 

📃 Step 4: Share the rules of the game. Here are two simple sample COVID Secret Santa rules: spend around $25-50 and buy from a locally-owned small business.

Gift Ideas from Small Businesses

Batch is a small business that only sells goods that come from other small businesses. When you shop at Batch, your gift is supporting two locally-owned small businesses. (That’s another twofer we can get behind!) Here are a few gift ideas for your COVID Secret Santa exchange…

💌 Under $15

Bang Candy Co. S’more Kit, $10
Everything you need for everyone's favorite marshmallow treat. Just add fire.

Spirit of Nashville Puzzle, $10
The perfect little gift for the pandemic puzzler.

Thistle Farms Bath Salts, $12
Self-care, anyone? This bath treat makes you feel good...twice!... by helping women survivors recover and heal from prostitution, trafficking, and addiction.

The Clarity Shop Candle, $12
These candles smell wonderful and come with their own curated playlists on Spotify.

🎁 Under $30

Hot Chicken Cookbook, $20
For the amateur chef who has taken on new cooking challenges during COVID.
Soberdough Work From Home Care Package, $29
Carbs, anyone? Bread and beer! Yes, please!

America’s Best Popcorn Gift Batch, $29
Give the movie buff some of what they've been missing at the theaters, only better.


Time for Tea Gift Batch, $29
Tea, snacks, and local honey all in one little box!


🛍️ Under $50

Nashville Sweets Gift Batch, $39
These are the best sweet treats Nashville has to offer. If you're going to pandemic stress-eat, make it local and make it delicious.

Do More with Honey Gift Batch, $39
All things local, artisan honey... plus Loveless biscuits. The buzz is that it's a winning combo.

Work From Home Power Pack Gift Batch, $39
WFH done right with all the coffee and snacks you need to power through the rest of 2020 from your home office.


Mental Strength Gift Batch, $49
Because, don't we all need a little bit more mental strength to make it to 2021?

If you want more great ideas for setting up a delightful socially distanced Secret Santa, check out our original post on the Secret Social Distancer. Happy gifting!