Year Round Gifting Program

Keep the Fun Going with Our Year-Round Gifting Program

Gifting isn't just for the holidays but for the whole year.

While recent research has highlighted that holiday gifts can positively impact nearly 50% of employees through December, why not enjoy those benefits all year round?

How will a gifting program help me or my organization?

There are many reasons why you should have a year-round gifting program—just ask your team if they would want more recognition and appreciation. We have six reasons to highlight that the "return on gifting" is well worth it.

1. You’ll increase employee job satisfaction

The research we highlighted earlier, which was conducted by Tremendous, found that 75% of employees said gifts boosted their job satisfaction.

On top of that, 74% of employees reported a morale boost lasting at least three months. But, of course, with a year-round gifting program, you're sending gifts every quarter, so you get that boost four times a year!

2. You’ll boost employee engagement

Gifts make people happy.

It feels like there's a new debate on LinkedIn about the rights and wrongs of keeping employees engaged every day. With that in mind, gifting is an excellent way to show appreciation beyond paychecks. Your employees will reward you by being more engaged and productive, too.

A late 2019 study from Oxford University found that happy employees are 13% more productive than unhappy team members. What would everyone in your team being 13% more productive do for your business’s bottom line?

3. You’ll reduce labor turnover

A 2021 study from Snappy found that gifting could significantly increase employee retention rates. The study found that 59% of people were more likely to stay at their job if they received a holiday gift.

Given that the holidays are a time when people might expect to receive a gift, there’s enormous potential for you to benefit even more by sending gifts throughout the rest of the year.

And, that’s without even considering the savings you’ll make from having to go through the recruitment and onboarding processes more frequently.

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4. You’ll boost your brand reputation

You’re considering having a year-round gifting program because you want to show your employees how much you value them and boost their job satisfaction.

But there are a ton of benefits that you'll enjoy from a business perspective, too.

Not least is the boost to your brand reputation. Imagine the benefit to recruiting your company will see when your team members post about their incredible gift sets and feeling valued at work four times a year!

On top of that, you'll have an easier time getting your employees to record testimonial videos and do other things to highlight how great it is to work for you. And why not add your gifting program to the list of benefits on your job ads when hiring? It's a competitive recruitment market out there, and thoughtful things like a gifting program could make a difference in the quality of candidates you can attract.

5. You can create a sense of fun and anticipation

As business leaders, we can always do more to strengthen our internal culture and togetherness as a team.

Utilizing a gifting program is a simple way to get a win in this regard. If your team members know gifts are coming, they’ll have great fun discussing their favorite products from previous seasonal gifts and anticipating what might be coming in the next one. Having these conversations will help people get to know each other and could also help aid the integration of new team members.

You can double the sense of fun and anticipation if you also take advantage of the next benefit!

6. You can tie in gift sending with other important stuff

At different times of the year, you might have seasonal catalogs and brochures, lookbooks, and other assets you share with your team to inspire and motivate them for the upcoming period.

Likewise, you might have something like an annual stationary refresh, too.

You can tie all this in with your gifting! For example, your fall and winter gifts could include information about sales plans for the holidays or the following year. Likewise, your spring and summer gifts can celebrate successes and your team's performance as individuals and collectively.

If you have regular social events, you could even include the invites in your year-round gifts!

How Batch can help

Our year-round gifting program is designed to help you enjoy all these benefits and many more.

Instead of coming to Batch to buy individual gift packages as and when you need to, our year-round gifting program helps you to take care of everything and plan ahead. So whether you want to send all team members a gift every few months or tailor gifts to birthdays, work anniversaries, or other memorable dates and occasions, we've got you covered.

In addition to sending our incredible curated gifts, we can add your brand to the gift packaging and include branded products in what you send. Company swag isn't necessarily appropriate as the central focus of a gift, but there's no reason you can't send it alongside tasty treats and all the other amazing stuff that comes in our gifts.

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