Self-Care Packages to Help You Make It Through 2020 from Batch

Self-Care Packages to Help You Make It Through 2020

We get it. 2020 has been flat out hard on all of us.

Pandemic. Fires. Election... Murder Hornets.

👇 What he said. 👇


Time for some self-care. We created a list with your health and well-being in mind: the Take Care Package Collection.

Essential workers are putting their health on the line every day to care for the sick and elderly, teach our children, and ensure everyone else has food and clean cities. Parents are burnt out between #WFH and homeschooling kids. Business owners and leaders are managing through constantly changing operating conditions. Some people might feel isolated and overwhelmed. Others might fear for their job security and livelihoods. We are all just worn out—especially because stress was a major issue in our culture before the pandemic added all of this.

Time to pause and take care of yourself. If you’re having a moment where you’re feeling exhausted, uninspired, or unwell, send yourself one of these self-care packages. Whether you need a journal, a facemask, a cup of coffee, or a good snack, we have the goods for you.


1. Mental Strength


2. More S'Mores


3. Serenity Now!


4. Immune Booster


5. Take Me to Zion

 View the rest of the collection here.

Take time for self-care, so that you can show up in 2021 ready to rock and roll. 🎸