Swag Box for Event Marketing

Swag Strategies to Level-Up Your Event Marketing

Virtual events have grown in popularity, but many people miss the energy of a live event. And while attendees have been down related to in-person events, they are likely to return in the coming months purely for the networking advantages. Virtual events have not been able to replace a live, human connection, understandably so.

Covid-19 can still cause concern for some attendees. Due to this many companies have offered hybrid or completely virtual options. Whether you are hosting a virtual or in-person event, there are plenty of opportunities to level-up your event marketing with swag incentives. Swag doesn’t have to be boring.

Are you looking to impress clients and attendees? Consider a holistic approach. Share gifts not only during an event but before and after as well. Why? It’s a more well-rounded strategy that will allow you to personalize and cater to your clientele. Consider these swag strategies below for your next event.

Incentivize Registration with Swag

In the current market, you may need to boost your marketing when it comes to registration. Incentives are a great place to start. There are a few things to keep in mind, such as the goal of the event, the type of audience you plan to attract, and their interests.

Swag Mug

For example, if you were looking to host a conference dedicated to sustainable practices in the coffee agriculture business. Members of your audience might have a high level of experience with coffee (and enjoy it!) and are looking for more resources and education on the industry. To incentivize registration, offer a branded mug and send it straight to their door to get them prepped for the event. To personalize it more, you can give them up to three swag options at checkout to select an item that best suits their lifestyle.

Hosting virtually? If so, this is a great time to send a box full of goods to help them power through the event. Let them know this before registration to encourage them to join the event.

Create Unique Opportunities During an Event to Share Swag

Alright, you’ve got folks in the door. Now what? Swag bags (or boxes) are always fun, but if you go down this road be sure the items included are meaningful. No one likes to collect junk! In the scenario mentioned above, a great idea might be to include a branded bag of coffee beans paired with a coffee-inspired tea towel. At Batch, we can customize any bag or box to suit your event needs.

Branded Gift Box for Events

If you want to be sure people are getting the most out of an event, you can create swag rewards too! It could be as simple as giving out a punch card to attendees and giving them a number of booths or speakers to view to receive a special prize. It’s a fun way to get people involved and share a more premium gift experience.

Send a Thank You with Swag

They have come and gone. Now what? Keep them engaged by sharing additional swag or resources from the event. Remember, you want them to share their great experience with others so keep it coming! Send a downloadable resource list or incentive to ask for a review of the event. It can be a small token of appreciation like branded chocolates. It will serve as a reminder of the event while giving you direct feedback for the next event.

Branded Swag Chocolates

Make your next event more memorable than ever. Keep these strategies in mind for your next in-person, hybrid, or virtual event. Find ways to connect it to your audience and it’ll make for a more personal experience. We are here to help you create an unforgettable swag experience.