The 10 Business Gifts NOT to Give

The 10 Business Gifts NOT to Give

I have some news for you. That super awesome idea you think you have for a corporate gift? Scrap it. It’s not as great as you think. 

To help you avoid the pitfalls of business gift giving, here are the top gifts to NOT give someone. 

Gift cards

You know what happens when you give some one a gift card? You’re also giving them a chore or errand. Now they have to make time to go to a store or restaurant or go online shopping. While well intentioned (“But they can then pick what they really want!” you say to yourself.), gift cards are just a sign of laziness on your part that pushes the effort onto your recipient. Not the message you want your gifts to convey.

SWAG (especially with your logo on it)

Commonly known as Stuff We All Get, swag items proliferate conference booths and promotional events. May as well change the acronym to S*it, Waste, And Garbage since most of it will get thrown away. You think the coffee mug or sunglasses with your new logo will stick around forever but you’ll be lucky if any of it is used once before it’s tossed or donated. Yes - you’re proud of your new logo but your customer isn’t.

Michael Scott - SWAG gif


Got the budget to give everyone airpods or iPads or Ring doorbells? Ok, big spender, we get it. One problem - most people have the gadgets they need and love so your gift may sit unused and under-appreciated. Plus, you may not know who’s an Android guy or an Apple gal; who prefers to be spied on via Alexa and who doesn’t, and who is an early adopter and already has the super solar charger with built in bluetooth speaker.

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