Virtual Event Gifts and Thank You Gifts... All Boxed into One

Virtual Event Gifts and Thank You Gifts... All Boxed into One

Our corporate event gifts can have TWO full time jobs.

As we think about gratitude towards the end of the year, it can be challenging to find ways to come together when we can't physically be together. For this reason, your corporate gift really has to do some heavy lifting. It's gotta say everything you want to say and say it just the way you want to say it. 

And that's where we come in. We can help you make a lasting impression, whether you're looking for a holiday gift, event gift, thank you gift, or one that says all of those things and more. We curate your gifts to be sourced locally, custom-designed, and individually branded, so you don't have to do any of the lifting. 


We recently helped our friends at Training the Street with a gift to accompany their (now virtual) company retreat. Training the Street wanted to encourage their gift recipients to rejuvenate and pamper themselves after a challenging year of fundamental finance training. And what better way to combine event gift and thank you gift than with meaningfully curated small business products?

Here's what we curated:

On top of this assortment of relaxation themed products, TTS chose to include their own custom gift insert and message, so their gift would say exactly what they wanted to say in the way they'd want to say it. All together, their virtual event gift looked like this:

Training the Street Batch Interior

Finally, because they reached out before October 31st, TTS got a FREE upgraded stamp, so we hand stamped and custom branded their boxes at no cost extra. Here's a shot from behind the scenes:

 Chap with TTS Box

"Dang, this stamp looks like it's been laser-printed. That's a nice stamp." - Chap Cuthbert, Director of Operations

All wrapped together, the final product looked like this:

Training the Street Box Interior

Once we had all of the ingredients, we were able to to get all 120 gift boxes out the door in just under 3 hours. Corporate event gift. Thank you gift. Holiday gift. Check 'em all off the list. 

What jobs do YOUR corporate gifts need to get done? We can help. Reach out to us today to hand off the heavy lifting to us.