Ways to Make Your Airbnb Stand Out

Ways to Make Your Airbnb Stand Out

If you want to make your Airbnb stand out from the hundreds - or, more like it, thousands - of others in town, then these few quick and affordable fixes will help you get the attention of guests very quickly

Upgrade the soap

Even if your guest is packing her own assortment of bath products, a higher end soap in your shower can transform a bathroom into a spa (well, almost). For example, this memorable body wash from Latika has an instant detoxifying action and is composed of pure organic vegetable oils, scented with a unique blend of Vetiver, Mint and Patchouli.

 Austin, TX Airbnb gift ideas | Latika charcoal body wash

Coffee? Tea? Both.

Your guests - after an awesome night out in your city - will need something to get them going in the morning. Showcase the unique coffee roasted nearby instead of the cheap stuff from the grocery store. Better yet, make sure you have some flavorful teas on hand, too, to round out the breakfast experience.

Make it smell memorable

Sure, your place looks clean before each guest arrives. But does it smell clean? A few spritzes of a robust room spray will provide a fresh atmosphere and a zen-like mood. We suggest you go with this Caribbean Driftwood option from Southern Firefly.

 Southern Firefly Room Spray | Nashville themed Airbnb gifts

Help them write home

No one writes letters or postcards anymore. Until they stay at your place. Go to your favorite local shop and grab some local letter sets or postcards. Even put a stamp on them and leave them out on the desk or table for your guests to find. They'll be prompted to send a postcard to Mom, or they may even simply be thankful for the free souvenir. 

With Love From Nashville stationery set | Airbnb gift ideas from Nashville

We can't all afford to outfit our place with the latest sound system, install granite countertops, or add a rooftop pool. But we can offer up a few perks that make sure guests leave a happier review.

And, if you're ever interested in Airbnb gifts for your place, drop us a line so we can tell you more about our customized gift and welcome service.