Where'd That Go? #0002 - Opryland Rides

Where'd That Go? #0002 - Opryland Rides

We're continuing a new series here at the Batch blog to examine some of the bygones of Nashville past in an effort to find out what happened. Nashville ain't what it used to be, and we're determined to figure out why.

Next up? The rides from Opryland, USA.

Of course, we all know the theme park shuttered its gates over 20 years ago and now you can buy some sweet Old Navy jeans where the Flume Zume used to get riders soaked to cool off from that sweltering summer Tennessee heat. But what about all those thrill rides? Where'd they go?

As it turns out, many of them live on in other venues. Did the Old Mill Scream make you scream? Well, just head west to Wild Waves (outside Seattle) and take a ride on Lumberjack Falls. 

And while you're on the West Coast, you can ride the former Hangman ride (now called Kong) at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

For a complete run down of where the old rides went, click here or here. And here's a deeper dive from WPLN about why the park shut down.

And if you still can't get enough nostalgia, the creative folks at Project615 have a line of shirts to take you right back to yesteryear.

Opryland Tshirts - Project 615