Why Wrapped Gifts Make People Happier

Why Wrapped Gifts Make People Happier

"Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things"

Batch gift wrap

If you are shopping for a gift from Batch then you are well on your way to giving a special gift. But, if you want to really make the recipient happy you should upgrade to gift wrap. Don't take our word for it. Daniel Howard, professor of marketing at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, published the important Gift-Wrapping Effects on Product Attitudes: A Mood-Biasing Explanation study in 1992. 

Here's the overview from Bustle's article "Why Do We Wrap Gifts? A Brief History Of Wrapping Paper:

Those who received wrapped gifts, rated their gift more favorably, and nicely wrapped presents were favored over unwrapped or "non-traditionally" wrapped gifts. Dr. Howard, who led the study, explained: "Gift wrapping, through repeated pairing with joyous events in people's lives, has utility in cuing [sic] a happy mood which, in turn, positively biases attitudes." Hence, wrapping gifts brings back happy memories thus putting us in a happy mood!

 Spread the joy with a gift and wrap it for a one-two punch of happiness.