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How are Batches shipped?

By way of FedEx.

When do Gift Batches ship?

We ship Gift Batches out within 48 hours of purchase unless otherwise noted on the product page.

Do you ship Batches out of the country?

We now ship to Canada! And we can also ship to select countries on special request.

Can I order Batches in bulk for company or corporate gifts?

100% yes. Just submit our Contact form and we'll get back with you lickety-split to talk with you about our highly-customizable bulk gift options.

What about wedding gifts?

Yep, we'll do that too :)

Closing gifts?

Oh yeah...

Are your Batches gluten-free?

Though we are sensitive (literally) to the needs of those looking for gluten-free options, it's likely at least one item in every Subscription Batch might include gluten.

How can I be the first to hear about new Gift Batches (and any other tidbit of fun, useful information)?

Follow us on FacebookTwitter and/or Pinterest and subscribe to our email (also found at the bottom of any page on this website).

What if I get a Batch delivered and it's broken or damaged?

We take care of it, no question. Just contact us to let us know and we'll replace the Batch so you can enjoy it all without reservation.