What sets Connect Gifting apart from other gifting companies?

At Connect Gifting, we offer uniquely intentional gifts tailored specifically to your brand and your connections. As thought leaders in the industry with extensive expertise in corporate gifting, we understand the significance of gifts from a business standpoint. Our focus is not just on the items themselves, but on the people who make the exchange, and the meaningful connections each gift fosters.

What kind of goals can you help our company with?

Connect Gifting can help you reach a wide range of business goals, including employee recruiting, onboarding, retention, DEI initiatives, ERGs, marketing and sales initiatives, holidays, special occasions, work anniversaries, and special events. We cater to your internal and external needs to help you reflect your brand image, strengthen relationships, and achieve your objectives.

How does your custom gifting process work?

Great question! We begin with an initial consultation, during which we learn about your brand, message, project details, budget, and recipient. From there, we leverage our expertise to curate personalized gift options aligned with your company's goals and values. To get started, simply fill out our contact form, and one of our team members will reach out to guide you through the process.

What are the benefits of setting up a storefront with Connect?

Setting up a storefront with Connect Gifting has many benefits for your corporate gifting endeavors. With your own storefront, you’ll have access to your curated selection of gift options that have been tailored to your brand and preferences; these can be ordered and shipped at any time. Our storefronts feature pre-paid options for your convenience, allowing for seamless tracking via a user-friendly dashboard. Through this centralized platform, you can manage your gifting initiatives easily and efficiently.

Can I purchase just a handful of gifts?

Yes, you can in the near future! While our E-commerce option is coming soon, we will offer the option to purchase your desired quantity of our off-the-shelf gifts. Stay tuned for updates on our E-commerce platform.

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