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Have a lot of gifts to give, but not all at once? Set up a storefront with us, and we’ll put all your customized gifts in one (digital) place. Then, you can create orders as needed and track them through our user-friendly dashboard.


Have a lot of customized gifts to give, but not all at once? Set up a storefront with us, and we’ll put all your gifts in one (digital) place. 

With your own storefront, you’ll have access to your curated selection of gift options that have been tailored to your brand and preferences; these can be ordered and shipped at any time. Our storefronts feature pre-paid options for your convenience, allowing for seamless tracking via a user-friendly dashboard. Through this centralized platform, you can manage your gifting initiatives easily and efficiently.

  • Strategy Session

    In our initial consultation, we’ll learn about your brand, message, project, budget, and recipients before discussing a gifting strategy. We can’t wait to do our best brainstorming with you.

  • Hands-Free Process

    Once we’ve landed on the perfect gift, we’ll take matters into our own hands, building your gift boxes and coordinating their shipments. At any scale and any aesthetic.

  • Gift-Giving That Matters

    We believe in the power of intentional gifting. By sending gifts that align with your unique brand and business goals, you’ll drive authentic connections with real ROG (Return on Gifting).

  • 1. Fill Out Our Form.

    First, please complete our form by telling us a little about you, your company, and your goals for this gift project.

  • 2. We’ll Get in Touch.

    Next, a member of our team will contact you. We’ll set up an initial consultation to learn more about your brand, message, project, budget, and recipients.

  • 3. Experience the Connect Difference.

    Last but not least, we’ll partner with you to create curated, intentional gifts that make a lasting impression. This is the fun part, where we get to connect with you! It’s a true collaboration, ensuring that whatever the gift says, it’s speaking with your voice.

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